Thursday, January 17, 2013

How To Go VEGAN (an article by the NYT)

wanting to go vegan? don't know how?!
the new york times has recently published an article on how to do so.
(thanks, cari, for showing it to me!!)

the article is mostly about ways to substitute your favorite foods with vegan options.
it covers everything from soy milk, non-dairy cheeses, omitting eggs, 
and trying out nutritional yeast.

nutritional yeast is one of my favoritest things on the planet.

if there ARE any of you thinking about making a switch to a vegan diet,
my first suggestion is usually NOT to replace everything all at once.
i would push you to try to eat more fruits and veggies and nuts first--
then try out the processed substitutes later.  

get your body used to eating different foods or you won't last a week.
for the die-hard meat-a-tarians (haha), get used to eating salads and 
learn how to prepare tofu in different ways. 
if you drop all meat and try to go directly to greenery 
without ever having really eaten any veggies before, 
you will CRAVEEEEE your meaty flesh and give up.
we don't want that!

add extra portions of vegetables as you decrease your meat and dairy intake.
slowly incorporate tofu and tempeh, 
and try out some exotics grains like couscous and quinoa.

silken tofu is just one type you can experiment with

your transition will be MUCH easier.  
there will be less cravings 
because you are eating food you already are used to 
and enjoy.

one more thing i would like to mention is that 
try out different brands, textures, and recipes before you decide that you hate the bean curd.
i cannot tell you how many people tell me they hate tofu, 
but then try something i have made and like it.
i personally do not care too much for nasoya brand, 
but i will use it if that is all that is available.
it is really a matter of personal taste!

happy veganizing!

feeling lost? 
ask a friend! heck, ask me!
i will be more than happy to talk to you about my own transition into veganism 
and the things i struggled with personally.  
send me an email!


  1. i love nutritional yeast

  2. Making tofu is an art. I will give you that.

  3. We're going cold turkey. Pun intended. Husband's orders.

  4. My own transition from omni to vegetarian was at the mature age of......12.
    Its been a while. I became vegan a few years ago :)
    Focusing on adding more vs what you cant have it the way to go!

  5. I think making tofu is an art in it self.

  6. I commented on the Blog How to Go Vegan an article by nyt.

  7. Tofu is delicious! I often just slice it up and eat it as a snack!

  8. I knew people who made tofu and its not that difficult - but yes its an art!

    1. i am not saying it is difficult... just that a lot of people try it once and then say they hate it without giving it a chance or trying to prepare it in a different way! =]

  9. I'm a brand new vegan so this was very helpful. Thanks!