Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Master Cleanse & a Squirrel

i had planned to document my experience every single day, but of course life gets in the way!

i started my morning master cleanse. i loaded up my lemonade with cayenne...
then i hear the most awful screeching sound i have ever heard in my life!

eeep! eeeep! eeeeeep!
one of our crazy cats somehow chased a baby squirrel into our dining room.
poor little guy.

he was more than grateful when we took him up into our arms and away from the cat.
he made the strangest purring noise!

we googled everything we possibly could about baby squirrels to make sure he was okay.
my cousin helped me look up animal rescues in the area as well.

he is so cute.
but we are so scared to keep him!

we plan on keeping him comfortable and fed for the week,
and taking him down to a rescue.

as for my cleanse, it will start tomorrow!
i didn't eat or have a more than my morning glass of lemonade because of all the excitement!


on that note, 
i am drinking my nightly senna tea now.
i prefer the peppermint flavor. 
the chocolate "smooth move" tea tastes like petrified goat ass,
 and the original is just o-k.

see you tomorrow!
have a great night! don't let the squirrels bite!