Thursday, October 25, 2012

does anyone actually get prizes from these blog giveaways?

the answer is YES!

most important rule:
after you have been contacted by email,
make sure you respond in the designated time!

ALWAYS read the terms and conditions beneath the rafflecopter or website--
some websites don't let people from the same household enter!
this means that if your roommate or sister already entered from your IP address,
they might delete your entries!
(not on my blog though! roommates and whoever lives with you can enter, too!)

also, check that the pictures in the blog post are relevant to the prize being offered.  
you may see countless pictures of diamond rings, but if you read the last sentence, 
they are giving away thumbtacks, not diamonds lol.

ALWAYS check to see if they are covering prize shipping!
if you win a gift card to an online store,
more than likely you will have to pay for item shipping after you redeem it.
it is pretty rare for gift cards to cover shipping costs.

and lastly, make sure if you enter multiple giveaways, that your entries aren't being wasted.
some blogs only allow you to win one prize in a certain period of time.
(not here!-- you can enter every giveaway and try to win as many as you can!)

some of the stuff i have won from blog giveaways:
*kindle fire
*nail polish
*indie nail polish
*make-up brushes
*body wash and scrub
*a vegan conscious box
*dog lover's cravebox
*vegan cookie sampler box
*custom compact
*awesome rings
*giant box of samples
*baby bedding
*baby onesies
*hair ties
*coupons for free food
*personalized jewelry

*gift certificates
*ad space
*web design help
*coupon for almond milk
*discount coupon for a diamond candle
*kid's halloween shirt
*baby eczema cream
*dog bandana
*baby sling
*handmade candles

*custom reusable sandwich bag
*handmade cat toys
*8" bundt cake
*handmade bib
*handmade cat toys
*vegan cookbook
*make-up wipes
*custom painting

*argan oil
*nail striping tape

some of my friends win tons of electronics-type items.  
you just have to look and enter contests for what appeals to you.

make sure you also keep the original "you won!" email and keep track of what you have received.  it is common courtesy to email the host back and thank them and let them know when you received your item.  some of us worry that you never get anything!

if you DON'T receive an item, let the person know in a polite manner-- sometimes it is NOT their fault.  they may just be hosting the giveaway, and forwarding your information to a sponsor.  just let them know so that they can contact whoever is involved.  sometimes the sponsors are just overloaded. this has only happened to me once... i won a box of sponsored prizes and never received a thing-- but it was NOT the hosts fault. sometimes it happens and you have to shrug your shoulders and move on.


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i am a giveaway hound (especially indie nail polish)


  1. I have always wondered if people actually win the giveaways. I feel you have answered this question sufficiently ..... Wow! you've won alot of prizes, I have yet to win ANY!

  2. I have won quite a few blog giveaways. Mostly good experiences. Though there are a few I didn't get or the products were that good. But most have been great.

    How do you like the Kindle Fire?

    1. i LOVE IT! its much heavier than my original kindle.. but heck-- its 10000X better!

  3. I have won a ton as well, not as many as you, but some cool stuff. Here is some of the stuff I've won:

  4. I won a spray painted portrait of my son.

  5. I am addicted to blog giveaways! Hopefully I will win one some day :)

  6. I've been fortunate this year and I've won about 5 giveaways/contests. For the most part I've received my prizes, but for 2 out of the 6, I never received my prizes :( i'm especially sad about one of them since I actually had to make a nail art tutorial video and post it. I was chosen as the winner, but the person never sent me my prizes. I've tried emailing a couple times, and she never responded. Sucks, but like like you said, you just gotta move on.