Saturday, October 6, 2012

vegan devil-ish eggs

i was pretty tired of people bringing deviled eggs to my get-togethers and saying,
"oh you can't have these, but i brought deviled eggs!"
uh, thanks.....?!
so i decided to make my own.
This may be the easiest thing on the planet to make!
bring them to your next cookout or party!  


(maria-style, with no exact measurements)

  • two cans of whole new potatoes
    (or ball-ball taters as my boyfriend and his brother call them)
  • vegenaise
  • vegan bacon bits
  • your favorite paprika or powdered chipotle pepper 
  • tumeric
  • sea salt
  • yellow mustard 
  • melon baller with a very small scoop
  • piping bag or plastic baggie you can cut the corner off of

  • uhh open the cans of potatoes, genius…
  • slice the larger potatoes in half
  • any skinny or smaller potatoes should be cut so one side is thicker.
    (you wanna try to get at least one "egg half" out of each)
  • take the melon baller and scoop out small holes in the potato halves for the “filling”.
  • place the scooped out pieces, smaller pieces, weird halves, and broken pieces into a small bowl.
  • add vegenaise, and blend in a food processor. only add enough to get the mixture semi-creamy. you want to be able to add your other ingredients!
  • add tumeric for a little yellow color-- it only takes a few dashes, but you can add as much as you like.
  • add a touch of yellow mustard for tanginess if you choose, and process again.
  • add bacon bits and sea salt to taste, process, taste, process, you got it. 
  • add more vegenaise until you get your perfect creamy consistency and taste!
  • pipe the “egg mixture” into your scooped out potatoes.
  • sprinkle paprika or chipotle on top.


  1. Oh my goodness those look so yummy and they dont even look like potatoes - GENIUS!

  2. I've never ever tried Deviled Eggs, but these might be good because of the potatoes? Hmmm

  3. Can't eat deviled eggs, I'll go to Hell. :(

  4. Here in Argentina we eat this with "asado" (barbecue) AND I LOVE THESE!!! Thank you so much for the recipe!!!!