Monday, October 22, 2012

tuna salad... without using crumbled tofu

the three times that i have had tuna salad that i didn't make myself,
it has been some weird tofu mash-nayonaise-lemon-dill crap
that was less than appetizing..

the texture, first of all, was a major put-off.

and why so much dill? hmmmm...

so, since my son and i are having mock tuna salad for lunch, 

i thought i would share the recipe with you guys.

it is protein-packed, delicious, kid-approved, and doesn't taste
like an accident in the dill factory.



  • a can of chickpeas / garbanzo beans
  • vegenaise
  • your favorite brand of gluten-free pickle, chopped into small pieces
    (or if you don't care, any pickle will do)
  • small package of seaweed snacks, crumbled and chopped into bits
    (like trader joes or seasnax)
  • a food processor
    (i use a cheap $18 ninja, and it works just great)
  • sea salt, optional-- i don't use any

  • drain your chickpeas, and dump them in your food processor
  • add vegenaise to taste-- i add about three tablespoons.  i advise you add a little at a time as you food process, until you get the consistency and flavor you want.
  • add some of your crumbled seaweed. once again, add a little at a time until you like your result. i add about half of one of those snack packets. 
  • turn on the food processor! stop to check on your amount of vegenaise and seaweed.  you want it to have some texture, like tuna, don't process it into tuna hummus!
  • dump your tuna mix into a bowl and mix into your chopped pickle.  i have discovered that it is better to add the pickle after you use the food processor or everything will taste wayyyy too pickle-y.
  • you can add salt if you want, but i never think it needs it.
  • eattt!  my one year old LOVES it.

additional notes
  • you can add kelp powder instead of seaweed snacks, but i like the taste and texture of the toasted snacks better!
  • you can opt to use relish instead of a pickle, but i find relish too sweet, and i am kinda addicted to kosher pickles.
  • onion is also an option!  even scallions!  it is really a matter of taste!
  • you can also add celery! i am personally not a fan, but i know it is a popular add-in to tuna salad.
  • if you are one of those people who like dijon or mustard in your tuna, add it! the great thing about these recipes is that there is plenty of room for experimentation!