Tuesday, February 19, 2013

my favorite shops giveaway #2: artsy anthropology !

love adorable, one-of-a-kind purses, 
cases, scarves, and totes?
so do i!

and artsy anthropology has it all...
and more!

your friends will be green with envy
when you show up clutching
one of paige's
delightfully colorful
"hard to handle" bags!

these clutches are
100% handmade and gorgeous!
the quality is impeccable...
right down to the colorful fabrics used to line the bags!

book junkie?
i know i am! my kindle goes with me
thanks to artsy anthropology,
my kindle stays safe and stylish with my padded e-reader case!

you know you want one!

paige also makes the cutest scrappy bags...
petite zippered bags made from
her favorite fabric scraps...

no two bags are alike!
how cool is that?!

i also adore
the scarves and cowls
there is definitely something
for any style...

from flowers to skulls 
to plaids, hearts and abstract designs...
artsy anthropology has so much 
to choose from!

paige is also a talented 
and accessory maker!
(check out her blog and portfolio!)

wanna learn more?
meet the shop owner!

paige of artsy anthropology

how would you describe your shop?
-- Eclectic? Temperamental? I have yet to find something that I "love" and stick with it...

when did you start sewing? 
-- When I was really young I was in sewing classes, but I didn't sew between other than some baby blankets for volunteer hours in high school.  I busted out my machine in October of 2011 and really just went to town, made myself a new duvet cover, made Christmas gifts... then switched the shop from hair accessories to sewn items...

what inspires you?
-- Color. I have so many colors going on in my studio and my life... it's silly really.

favorite piece ever made?

-- Ooo... hmm... At the moment, I'd have to say these new leather purses I'm designing (not yet up in the shop)... or the scrappy-bags and the "hard to handle" clutches - "scrappies" because they are adorable, and then the clutches are more "grown-up"... I find myself having trouble designing things that aren't all really loud and bright and obnoxious.

describe yourself in three words.
Loud, Sarcastic, Creative

your shop is so creative! how do you come up with your bag ideas and patterns?
-- Usually at around 3am when I'm trying to sleep... it's obnoxious.  But also, when my fabric starts piling up, or when I see something I haven't worked with yet and think "well, what can I do with this?" - it's fun, finding new challenges. 

favorite color?
-- Green.  For my entire life, green has been my one and only ;)

favorite band(s)? 
-- Ummm.... Country?  The Glee Cast?  Haha, unless it's from the country station in the car... or music I hear on Glee, I have no idea what's playing.

favorite movie(s)?
-- Pitch Perfect {like seriously, still laugh every time, also Jesse... yummy?!} 
-- Notting Hill {Hugh Grant says "Whoopsy Dasies" too awesome}  
-- Remember the Titans, Friday Night Lights, Miracle {love me some sports movies}

three things that drive you crazy.
-- When people don't use the dryer sheets in the dryer, really, who wants all the static?! NO ONE!
-- People who don't use their blinkers - they should be ... impaled by a flying unicorn.
-- Men who spit in public, really? They can't swallow their spit like the other 50% of the population?

and now for the good stuff!
enter to win YOUR OWN
artsy anthro e-reader case! 
THREE winners will be chosen!


  1. I love the Hard to Handle - Printed Pinks & Camel Colored Leather. The colors are gorgeous.

  2. Either the red damask scarf or the green skull scarf

  3. I like the http://www.etsy.com/listing/118327892/owls?

  4. I like the pink and grey bag for my daughter.

  5. Love the red/carmel leather clutch

  6. I love this http://www.etsy.com/listing/121565350/hard-to-handle-paisley-dark-red-leather?

  7. the skull cowell is bad ass id like to win that as well

  8. awwhh , can't decide but this one is wonderful : http://www.etsy.com/listing/121562571/red-blue-scrappy-bag

  9. Bethany Bekas-YarkerFebruary 20, 2013 at 3:53 PM

    I love the Hard to Handle - Blue Geometric & Alligator Printed Leather

  10. I really like the owl ipad case too. I hope to win the ereader cover tho, I just bought a kindle, and need a case!

  11. Oh My Gosh, the owl IPad case!

  12. Green and White Flannel Infinity Scarf

  13. Red Damask/ Floral - Infinity Scarf

  14. I would like to own the Black and White Flannel Infinity Scarf

  15. I would love the Hard to Handle - Burgundy Chevron & Burgundy Leather.

  16. I really think the Purple Hearts on Animal Print - Scrappy Bag is cute! I would like to have that.

  17. http://www.etsy.com/listing/118327892/owls? love it!

  18. Vintage Floral - Infinity Scarf

  19. I like the http://www.etsy.com/listing/105523002/coral-and-grey-denim-with-heart?

  20. I love this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/122783765/hard-to-handle-yellow-chevron-dark-brown

  21. I absolutely LOVE this clutch: http://www.etsy.com/listing/122782649/hard-to-handle-blue-geometric-alligator?

  22. I would get ask for custom hard-to-handle listing

  23. http://www.etsy.com/listing/118453841/cutest-skulls-ever

  24. I like the 5ft. Bunting - Sharks with Gray & Navy Chevron

  25. I really like the Hard to Handle - Orange Paisley & Chocolate Leather Clutch and the Navy/Mustard bow tie clutch! Beautiful items!

  26. I like the black pink and blue clutch

  27. I would love another Hard to Handle clutch! I love the first one I got!!

  28. I want the Hard to Handle - Yellow Chevron & Dark Brown Leather

  29. I like the grey mutli print cowl.

  30. I like the khaki, blue, and peacock tote


  31. I love the cream and chocolate brown infinity scarf! Thanks for the giveaway.