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vegan options in restaurants!

hey guys!  i was cruising thru the net, and i came across a lovely list of various chain restaurants and the vegan options they (potentially) have...

take a look!
(list originally from 
and is written from their point of view!)

Unfortunately, no items at A&W are vegan. The fries would be except that they are fried in the same oil as the chicken.

Applebee's: website
Although Applebee's fries in 100% veggie oil, non-veg items may be fried along with veg items. The Sizzling Vegetable Skillet is vegan if requested without butter. You can also order a salad and the steamed vegetable plate.

Arby's: website
The garden salad, side salad, liquid margarine, marinara sauce, turnovers, Arby's sauce, bbq sauce, & bbq dipping sauce are all vegan. The same oil that is used to fry meat is used to fry french fries.

Au Bon Pain: website
The plain, sesame, and cinnamon raisin bagels are vegan. Other options are the garden vegetarian soup, the caribbean black bean soup & a salad.

Auntie Anne's: website
In response to your question about vegan, the pretzel mix does not contain any ingredients from animal, dairy or egg sources; however, there are other factors to consider. Most of the dips, some of the toppings (i.e., parmesan herb, sour cream & onion, chocolate glaze), and even the Dutch Ice products would contain ingredients that would be from animal sources (primarily milk or dairy related) plus the pretzels are dipped in butter. Overall, though, there are several of our pretzels that you can enjoy (Original, Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Sugar, Garlic, Jalapeno, Glazin' Raisin, etc.-- including Chocolate Toffee) that would not contain any ingredients from animal sources provided that they are requested without butter. A secondary alternative with consumers in a situation as yours would be to use one of our At Home Pretzel Kits (available in most stores). This product allows you, the consumer, to prepare the product under your own control, in the privacy of your house, and still have the enjoyment of the product. The ingredients for this product are listed on the side of the package and does not contain any ingredients from animal sources.

Baskin-Robbins: website
The ices and the sorbets are vegan-friendly.

Big Bowl Asian Kitchen: website
Big Bowl Asian Kitchen does not position itself as a true vegetarian or vegan restaurant, but we do have many options for strict vegetarians. Our servers are very well educated on our ingredients, and will be able to offer many suggestions. If a guest makes sure to let them know of his or her preferences at the outset, we can very easily accommodate them. We have some great options with our stir-fry bar, either by creating your own dish or allowing us to create one for you, as well as our salad selection, and our Kung Pao dishes can also be prepared without any chicken stock. Our peanut noodles, vegetable potstickers and wontons are vegan. Vegetarian wonton soup and shanghai vegetables made with a vegetarian oyster sauce are also vegan. We do also have a delicious vegetable broth that we can substituted for Chicken broth in many recipes upon request.

Ben & Jerry's: website
Only the sorbets are vegan.

Blimpie: website
You can visit Blimpie's nutrition pages by clicking here. Click on any of their products listed at the top & you will be linked to nutritional & ingredient information.

Bojangles: website
Because Bojangles uses a mix of animal/veggie oil to add flavor when cooking food, the only vegan suitable items are the cajun pinto beans, corn on the cob, green beans & the marinated coleslaw.

Boston Market: website
Chunky cinnamon applesauce, apple cobbler, fruit salad, zucchini marinara, cranberry walnut relish, & steamed veggies are vegan options. Menu items vary from location to location, so if you live somewhere that has many vegans/vegetarians, more choices may be offered.

Bruegger's Bagel Bakery: website
Many of the bagels are vegan. Non vegan bagels are the honey grain bagel, egg bagel, sun-dried tomato and spinach herb bagels (contain romano cheese), and the jalapeño cheddar (cheese) bagel. You can top the bagels with hummus, dijon mustard or any other variety you wish. Vegan soups include the Chile Cilantro, Garden Split Pea, Vegetable Tomato Lentil, Tucson Minestrone, Gazpacho, Marcello Minestrone, Roasted Roma Tomato & Ratatouille. Also, the Leonardo da Veggie sandwich can be made vegan-style. You can obtain ingredient information if you ask.

Buffalo's Cafe: website
I received this response: "We do not have nutritional information available for me to double check ingredients, but we do have salads that can be ordered without eggs and cheese and a balsamic or raspberry viniagrette can be used for dressing. "

Burger King: website reader's input
The Bk veggie burger is vegan if ordered without mayo, but there has been some concern over the bun which may contain a very tiny amount of dairy, and may be made with egg . If you are concerned about it being prepared on the same grill as the meat burgers, you can ask to have it microwaved. Also, you'll want to avoid the french fries which contain chicken flavoring. If your Burger King offers bagels, they are reportedly vegan as well.
Comment from the reader:Burger King's BK Veggie is NOT vegan, although it is vegetarian. They changed to a Morning Star brand patty that contains egg whites and casein. Their web site says this quite clearly, to their credit. But the store staff have no clue. ~ Richard 

Carl's Jr.: website
The baked potato topped with broccoli & served with the margarine pats (the whipped margarine usually served with the potatoes contains whey) is a vegan option. All the buns except for the honey wheat do not contain animal products. The honey wheat obviously contains honey. The breadsticks and English muffins are vegan. The salad bar offers a number of alternatives for a vegan. However, the processed salads (i.e. potato and macaroni) and the croutons do contain animal products. The fat free french & fat free italian dressings are vegan. The french fries are fried in shortening that is a combination of partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil.

Carrabba's Italian Grill: website
Menu items that do not contain animal products are the Margherita pizza, Spaghetti (angel hair, rigatoni, penne and linguine) with Pomdoro sauce or Picchi Pacchiu sauce or the Manicotti. There are no animal ingredients in the bread, but be sure to order without butter. They also offer a vegetable of the day, such as sautéed spinach or broccoli, pan seared vegetables, grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Cheese Cake Factory: website
I received this email from Guest Services: Thank you for your e-mail and for considering The Cheesecake Factory Restaurants, Inc. Although we understand that you are requesting this information as a service to fellow vegans, we unfortunately must ask that you remove any information that you currently post on your web site regarding our menu. Please understand that our menu items contain a very complex array of ingredients, which are continually tested and possibly changed to improve flavor profiles. We cannot be responsible for information that has been posted elsewhere and can only suggest that you are welcome to direct visitors to your site that are interested in The Cheesecake Factory to contact us directly. We will be happy to provide them with current suggestions that meet their dietary needs. Again, we do not mean this to dissuade your visitors from dinning with us rather, we make this request to avoid a potential unfortunate situation.

Chi-Chi's: website
Chi-Chi's has informed me that the following items are vegan: Chi-Chi’s Original Mild and Hot Garden Salsa, Ensalada del Casa (Vegan without cheese or Cotija Ranch Dressing),Guacamole, Roasted Tomato-Red Pepper Habanero Sauce, Baked Potato (Vegan without cheese or sour cream), Vegetable Fajitas (Vegan, if omit sour cream and cheese condiments), Vegetable Skewers, Refried Beans in non-test stores only (Vegan without sour cream or cheese), Bean Burrito (without Enchilada Sauce and cheese), Bean Soft Taco (without cheese), and the applesauce. Items that are fried in vegetable oil have been excluded (Chips, Taco shells, Chimichangas, etc.) because other meat-containing items may also be fried in the same oil. *Please note that Salsa & Yellow Rice, Black Beans, Cheese and Onion Enchiladas, all soups, and Enchilada Sauce are omitted because they contain chicken stock. Other sauces contain dairy products and would not be Vegan.

Chili's: website
Here is the email reply that I received. Check with your local restaurant to see which is vegan & which is vegetarian. Sorry that it is not more accurate.
Thank you for taking the time to send in an email and for your interest in Chili's. While our Test Kitchen creates new food items for our menu, consideration is given for those ideas that appeal to vegetarians, including our Bandito Black Bean Patty, Veggie Tacos, and some seafood items. In addition, you may ask the management at your local Chili's to "custom create" a meal to your liking using any of our vegetarian components, including veggie tacos, pastas, salads, or a vegetable plate. Our rice and black beans by the way, are also vegetarian. Currently, our menu items are geared to a larger population who are not vegetarians. In the event you have any additional comments or questions, please call 1-800-983-4637 and leave your name and a daytime number for Karen Doty to return your call. Lisa Kelly Guest Relations

Chipotle: website
Their crispy corn and soft wheat tortillas, the cilantro-lime rice, seasoned black beans, fajita vegetables, salsas, guacamole, and the romaine lettuce are all vegan. A vegetarian burrito or an order of tacos without sour cream or cheese would also be a good vegan choice.

Chuck E. Cheese: website
Both the dough & the sauce are vegan. There is also a salad bar. The fat-free catalina & italian dressings are vegan as well. From their website, you can email to request a complete list of ingredients and nutritional info.

Church's Chicken: website
The apple turnover is vegan as is the corn on the cob when ordered without butter.

Chuy's: website
Options for vegans include: Guacamole Tacos without cheese, Dinner Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette, Veggie Enchiladas without cheese, the tortillas, pico de gallo, rice, beans(refried), and guacamole.

Cinnabon: website
Unfortunately, all of their baked products contain lecithin, which is a beef derived additive used as a "dough conditioner" that makes the dough easy to work with. Most of their products also contain some type of dairy product, such as eggs or milk. So it isn't a very vegan-friendly place. Sucks.

Country Kitchen International: website
This was their response: "According to your definition of vegan: a person whose diet excludes all forms of animal products including meat, fish, poulty, eggs, dairy, gelatin, whey and honey; eliminates almost every meal available at Country Kitchen. While there are components in our restaurants that can be prepared according to vegan guidelines, there are no specified recipes used in our restaurants for this purpose. I must also emphasize that you must be vigilant in your efforts to have your meal prepared appropriately, as Country Kitchen does not have sterile cooking surfaces specifically designed for vegan meal preparation. Following is a list of a few items that may be special ordered in our restaurants to meet your needs. 1. Oatmeal without glass of milk 2. Garden Salad entrée size, with no dressing 3. Sauteed vegetables 4. Vegetable stir fry (request double vegetables instead of chicken) 5. Spaghetti without meatballs and cheese (this may have unknown ingredients that eliminate it's vegan potential, but may qualify. Check with your local restaurant.) I am hopeful that this will meet your needs. "

Del Taco: website
The French fries, chips, green chili sauce & hot sauces are vegan. The shell for the tostada salad may be cooked along with meat products. All oil used at Del Taco is of vegetable origin.

Denny's: website
Denny's currently carries a Boca Burger which is vegetarian, but not vegan. Vegan items are the hashed browns/hashed browns with veggies (onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomato, diced green onion), Diced Skillet potatoes,Diced Skillet potatoes with veggies (onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, diced green onions), oatmeal (Oatmeal n' fixins contains honey), grits, fresh fruit, applesauce, nut topping, any fruit topping, frozen strawberries, all flavors of jelly, fruit syrups, toasted bagels, english muffins, light rye bread, plain french toast bread, boule bread, multi-grain bread (contains caramel color), tweener bread, margarine is composed of soybean oils with artificial butter flavoring. All oils used for frying or grilling are soybean based. Deep fry procedures are as follows: French fries, Skillet potatoes, & Mozzarella sticks are fried in fryer #1. Seasoned fries and chicken products are fried in fryer #2. Onion rings, fried shrimp, fried fish, & chicken-fried steak are fried in fryer #3. Please note that all bread products are purchased locally, so you may want to double check bread ingredients. Request dry bread to avoid buttery spread.

Disneyland: website
I recommend that you visit the city hall and pick up a menu book that they offer. I believe that it contains a list of ingredients. The following list has not been confirmed. I found these things listed on various internet veggie forums. Please use this only as a guideline & check for yourself because I can not promise that it is totally accurate.There is a portobello mushroom sandwich at the Blue Bayou, you can ask for veggie burgers at The Hungry Bear & Village Haus restaurants - the buns are vegan, veggie sandwichees are available at the Carnation Cafe, & there is also a veggie gumbo in New Orleans Square, Casa Mexicana has vegan beans, & you may also give the hotel restaurants a shot. Disneyland has visitors from all over the world & not all countries eat as much animal products as the US does, so they have to have a variety. They probably have even more than I have listed, so check it out!

Domino's Pizza: website
Whey is a dairy derivative and is used as an ingredient in all of the dough related products, (hand tossed, thin crust, deep dish and breadsticks). The sauce does not have any animal products in it. There are salads to choose from. The vegan dressings are the italian & lite italian.

Don Pablos: website
Vegan: Corn Tortillas, Chips and/or Salsa, Fajita Onions and Peppers, Red Sauce, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Chile Macho Salsa, Tabasco Marmalade, Charra Beans, Refritos, Spinach & Poblano Filling, Pecos Valley Vegetables.

Dunkin' Donuts: website
For a complete menu with all ingredients listed, you can click here.

Eat N' Park: website
The chicken stir fry can be made vegan by requesting it without the chicken. Unfortunately, the Garden Burger has cheese in it. The salad bar has numerous vegan choices. There are also fruit cups, a 3 bean salad, & fresh strawberries to choose from.

Einstein Bros Bagels: website
You can email Einstein Bros for a complete listing of ingredients as well as nutritional information directly from their site.

El Chico's: website
The french fries are vegan.

Elephant Bar: website
Wok Steamed Vegetable Platter (fresh vegetables with steamed white rice); Wok Fired Pan Pacific Vegetables with Asian Noodles (no eggs in noodles); Mediterranean Baby Spring Greens Salad (omit cheeses); and Mixed Baby Greens Salad (omit blue cheese). The wait staff will be happy to modify and/or omit ingredients of the menu items to allow you to stay within any guidelines.

El Pollo Loco: website
The BRC burrito is vegan if you order it without cheese. The flour, spinach-flavored, and tomato-flavored tortillas are vegan. The corn on the cob, cucumber salad, guacamole, hot sauce, italian dressing, pinto beans, salsa, & spiced apples are vegan. I believe that both the fiesta corn & the spanish rice are vegan, but I recommend that you check the ingredients in the margarine.

First Watch: website
This was their reply: Thank you for contacting First Watch. First Watch has been in business for 20 years and to my knowledge we have never been asked this question nor have a request for this type of menu item(s). We will review your information and if it makes sense for us to consider we will certainly do so. I have a very hard time believing that a vegan has never visited one of their restaurants. This just goes to show how important it is that you let restaurants know that you would like to see vegan options added to the menu.

Flat Top Grill: website
This is the response I received: I should start by explaining what type of restaurant we are. We are a "create-your-own" Stir fry concept. As a guest you are physically selecting the items that you would like us to stir fry for you from over 60 different ingredients. Everyday we offer the following: 2 or 3 different rices, 3 types of noodles, 25 fresh fruits and vegetables, 22 different sauces, 5 protein selections,& 3 seafood options. It is a fixed cost for as many bowls of stir fry you care to eat during your dining experience. For vegan (and all customers) we provide information detailing all ingredients of our 22 signature sauces, noodles and rices. In addition, you can designate your stir fry to be cooked in a separate sanitized wok using utensils that touch only your selections. This process is also very popular and encouraged to guests with any type of dietary restrictions or food allergies. In short, we provide you with all the information on our food and then allow you to select the items that you desire to eat. As the food items change on a daily basis, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can have prepared.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts: website
This was their reply: In answer to your question, at the hotels, we currently do not have specific dishes in our menus that are entirely vegan. However, I am aware, and please be assured, that whenever such requests arise, our chefs will be happy to recommend or create an alternate dish that will comply to this specific diet. I would also like to mention that we always have a selection of vegetarian dishes featured in the menus. We appreciate your comments. More than often, It is only through suggestions or comments such as yours that provide us with insight into improving our service.

Friendly's: website
Guest services was unable to provide me with a list of vegan products. However, if you have specific items that you would like them to check on, just give them a call at 1-800-966-9970.

Fuddrucker's: website
The fudwrapper is vegan if ordered without the cheese. All tortillas other than the cheese are vegan also.

Giovanni's Pizza:
The dough and pizza sauce are vegan. The salads are vegan if ordered without the meat.

Godfather's Pizza: website
A vegetarian specialty pizza may be ordered without the cheese to make it vegan. The pizza dough, original and taco pizza sauce are vegan. Some locations have salads.

Golden Corral: website
Golden Corral is a buffet concept which offers a full salad bar with all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. They also offer of fresh steamed vegetables on the hot buffet.

Golden Fried Chicken: website
The carrot raisin salad is vegan. The french fries unfortunately contain animal shortening as do the apple turnovers. The pinto beans and green beans both contain chicken.

Gold Star Chili: website
The red beans, tossed salad and spaghetti are vegan.

Great Steak & Fry Co.:
Vegan side items include baked potatoes (at some locations), which may be requested plain, served with broccoli, or with mixed vegetables in an all-vegetable broth, french fries, & salads

Great Steak & Potato Co.: website
Their grill oil is a soy based, butter flavored (artificial) oil with no animal products or by-products in it. As is the liquid margarine. The bread product does not have any animal or by-products in it either. As far as the salad dressings, stay away from any creamy dressings---i.e.: Ranch, Blue Cheese, 1000 Island. The French, Lite French, Italian and Lite Italian are animal product free. Whey is not used in any of these afore mentioned items. Items within vegan guidelines are: ---Baked potatoes (with margarine, broccoli, or grilled veggies) ---Salads (with the above mentioned dressings---try one with either grilled or fresh veggies on it). ---A Veggie Delight (without the mayo or cheese) ---Try a fresh veggie sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, olives and cucumbers (maybe even banana peppers) and top it with Lite Italian dressing. ---Fresh Cut French Fries---100% peanut oil with no fillers or additives, fresh potatoes daily and salt (or not).

Hardee's: website
Even though Hardee's does carry salads, they do not have any suitable dressings for them. The specialty & the sourdough buns are both vegan.

Hooters: website
Unfortunately, they were not able to provide me with a list of menu items. I received this response: "Currently, we do not have nutritional information available for our menu items. However, our product development team has undertaken this project and will release the information in the near future. We regret that we cannot offer more help at this time. Please periodically visit our website at for nutritional updates." Please remember that if you want more vegan options while dining out, you have to let restaurants know.

Hot Stuff Pizza: website
The pizza sauce and breadsticks are vegan.

Houlihan's: website
The tomato bruschetta is vegan if you ask that the romano cheese be left off. They are test-marketing a vegan burger in three of their restaurants. It contains couscous, black beans, carrots, onions, and barbeque sauce. The roll is not vegan. A salad can be ordered void of meat & cheese & topped with an oil & vinegar dressing. They also have a vegan pasta dish consisting of rigatoni and marinara sauce.

Howard Johnson's Restaurants: website
The gardenburger contains egg whites and cheese, so is disqualified as being vegan. Try requesting spaghetti and plain sauce as a vegan option. They also offer garden salads.

Huddle House: website
As of yet, Huddle House has not analyzed their products for vegan friendly options & were unable to provide me with any answers. Shame.

In-N-Out Burger: website
A Wish burger with mustard or ketchup instead of the dressing, an order of fries, and a soft drink would be condusive to the vegan diet. The buns do not contain any dairy or egg products and the fries are cooked in cotton seed oil. Although the Wish burger is not the menu, you can order it at all locations.

International House Of Pancakes (IHOP): website
Here is an exerpt from the response that I was sent: As we understand the criteria for vegan, it is our belief that very little of our menu qualifies. Many of our vegetables would qualify, however due to the cooking methods we cannot guarantee that they would not be subject to exposure non-vegan ingredients.

Jack In The Box: website
Pita bread, potato wedges, the grape, strawberry and capuccino syrups, the hot, taco, teriyaki, barbeque, sweet and sour and soy sauces, malt vinegar packet, salsa and apple turnovers are vegan. For a complete menu with all ingredients listed, you can click here.

Jamba Juice: website
While all of our fruit and vegetable juices are vegan, to know whether a smoothie is vegan or not requires looking at the ingredients list. Ingredients they use that are vegan include sorbet and soy milk. Please note the difference between sorbet (non-dairy) and sherbet(contains dairy)! Vegan smoothies include the Jamba PowerBoost and Protein Berry Pizzazz, both of which are made with sorbet.

Kenny Rogers' Roasters: website
A "side sampler" consisting of three side dishes can be made to order. Side dishes include: corn on the cob, side salads, baked potatoes, and baked hubbard squash.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): website
The 3 bean salad is vegan. The corn on the cob is as well if you get it minus the butter & some locations have a garden salad.

Little Caesar's: website
The dough and tomato sauce are alright. As is the crazy sauce & the crazy bread (without the parmesan). I usually order a veggie pizza minus the cheese. Vegan dressings are also available. They are the Greek, Italian, and the Lite-Italian. Keep in mind that the Veggie Spice for Italian cheese bread DOES include parmesan cheese in the recipe. I think that they offer a vegetarian guide if you request it or contact corporate headquarters.

Long John Silver's: website
Ordering a wrap void of the meat, batter crumbles & white sauce (you can use picante sauce in it's place) is vegan. Rice and corn cobbettes without butter are vegan.

Manchu Wok: website
You can order stir-fried veggies (fried in canola oil) and steamed rice.

Manhattan Bagel Co.: website
The only bagels that are not vegan are the jalapeño cheddar, cheddar cheese and egg bagel. A soybean extract is used for the dough conditioner.

Mazzio's Pizza: website
The pizza sauce & the thin and original crusts are vegan, but the deep pan crust (contains milk product) is not . The 3 bean salad , italian dressing, french dressing, marinara dipping sauce, some types of pasta & the marinara sauce made with olive oil (served w/ pasta) is vegan.

McDonald's: website
Vegans can get bagels, green chilies and burrito mild sauce. However, I don't suggest support of this fast food giant. The whole fiasco with their french fries was terrible, but the choice is yours of course. For a complete menu with all ingredients listed for US locations, you can click here.

Miami Subs: website
The garden salad is made up of iceberg and romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, egg, olives, cheddar cheese and pita bread. Each restaurant will be happy to omit any of these ingredients to accommodate personal preferences.

Mrs. Fields Cookies: website
Nothing. All of Mrs. Fields products contain eggs, milk, and/or butter.

Nathan's Famous: website
The fresh cut fries are fried in 100% corn oil, however, non-vegan items may also be fried in this same oil in some restaurants. The individual restaurant managers can advise the guest when ordering if this is the case in that location.

Old Spaghetti Factory: website
Both the Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce "Marinara" and the Spaghetti with Mushroom Sauce are vegan entrees.The Balsamic Vinaigrette salad dressing is vegan as well.

Olive Garden: website
Guest relations response: We appreciate the challenges you face in honoring your personal convictions. Veganism and vegetarianism take many forms. A few of our menu items can be adjusted to accommodate a vegan or vegetarian diet, but none wholly meet the criteria. Our current nutritional data base does not include information to the level of detail you require. Depending on your personal philosophy, we can suggest the following items as meatless but not necessarily vegetarian or vegan: Minestrone Soup Garden Salad Marinara Sauce Capellini Pomodoro Eggplant Parmigiana Pasta Primavera Fettuccine Alfredo Manicotti Formaggio We certainly empathize with the challenges presented to you when you weigh decisions regarding dining out. We recognize that we do not meet the needs of everyone and our objective remains to offer what our guests, through their selections, indicate are favorites.

Outback Steakhouse: website
Steamed veggies (ask for no seasoning),baked potatoes, sweet potatoes,all should be fine. There are no animal products in the margarine, or the hamburger buns. The dinner loaf bread has honey in it. There are eggs in the mayo-based dressings, fat-free tangy tomato and mustard viniagrette should be fine. They currently fry in a blend of lard and vegetable oil, but are looking for a veggie 'equivalent'.

Panda Express: website
Unfortunately, Panda Express is not able to offer customers the option of vegan dining. Virtually every item on the Panda Express menu in some way contains meat, egg or dairy products. The only item that might possibly fit into the vegan diet is the steamed rice, but even this might not be an accepted item in the vegan diet. We apologize that we are not able to meet the needs of those that maintain a vegan diet.

Papa John's Pizza: website
Their sauce is vegan & the original dough is also. However, the thin crust is not because of its parmesan cheese content.

Pita Pit: website
Customers get to choose what goes into their Pitas from a large selection of fresh vegetables and sauces. They offer 4 vegan pitas Garden, Hummus, Babaganouj, and Falafel. Please ensure that you ask for the falafel to be micro waved, not prepared on the grill, to ensure no contact with meat. Vegan sauces include: Special Sauce, Dijon mustard, mustard, hot sauce, and BBQ. Some products may vary in the different regions, so please ask your local Pita Pit to ensure these items meet your vegan requirements.

Pizza Hut: website
The Thin 'n Crispy crusts, regular pizza sauce, spaghetti marinara sauce, pasta, Italian and French dressings, dessert pizza crust, cherry topping and the icing are all options for vegans.

Pizza Pro: website
Their crust & sauce are both vegan, so a cheeseless pizza is an option. Their breadsticks are also alright.

Pizzeria Uno: website
The thin crusts are vegan and you can special-order vegan deep dish crusts that do not contain cheese. The regular pizza sauce and the Uno pizza sauce are also vegan. All pasta is vegan. There is a vegan Grilled Vegetable Marinara served with ziti pasta. It is possible at to Pick-A-Pasta. You may choose the pasta and choose marinara sauce. There are a number of salads including Pasta & Greens (marinated ziti pasta tossed with salad greens and served with Ike's dressing), and the House Salad (tomatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, cucumbers, and croutons) as well. Breadsticks are also animal free.

Popeye's website
The apple pie & the corn on the cob (asked for without butter) are vegan.

Pretzel Time website
I received this response: "Although our pretzels do not contain any animal products in themselves, many of our toppings do. For instance, the butter-flavored topping still contains a small portion of dairy. You may want to simply request a plain pretzel with no butter, and you may add a topping at your discretion."

Red Lobster: website
From the sites FAQ: We are sorry we are not able to provide general nutritional information, as our chefs are continuously creating and customizing recipes for our menu. While we do not have vegetarian items on our menu, some of our items can be prepared without meat or seafood. I encourage you to speak with the manager about specific menu suggestions that may best meet your needs.

Red Robin: website
The response I received from Red Robin is just another example of why it is important to let restaurants know what you want. Make your opinion count. "We have had a few requests for a true vegan menu choice and we evaluate our menu choices by watching and listening to the trends that our guests are requesting. We do not know when we will put this menu option on the menu. Please keep your eyes out for it, as we are trying new ideas all the time."

Rita's Italian Ices: website
The ices & the pretzels are vegan.

Romano's Macaroni Grill: website
I received a wonderful email from a manager with this restaurant. She was very eager to share the vegan options with me. She informed me that the following items are indeed vegan: peasant bread which is presented to all guests and served with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper, the Capellini Pomodoro, and all of the pastas with exception to the orzo (it is cooked with chicken stock) are vegan and 100% semolina wheat. Since most dishes are made to order, you can ask your server for suggestions or there are a couple that can be modified to be vegan. The Pasta Vegatali can be requested with red sauce only, no pesto or cheese. The pizza dough is vegan so they could easily make up a vegan pizza. Although the popular Calzonettos are mostly made with meat and cheese, The Mushroom and Pepper Calzonetto can be made with no mozzarella or sundried tomato mayonnaise and still tastes great. Watch out for sauces served with these sandwiches, request red sauce only. If you would like to order a salad, you'll need to tell them no cheese or croutons and request balsamic vinegar and olive oil not the balsamic vinaigrette dressing. None of the dressings offered are vegan.

Round Table Pizza: website
Although the sauce is vegan, the dough is not. Some locations have a salad bar. You can get a Garden Vegetable sandwich that is vegan if you request it without cheese and garlic sauce.

Roy's Restaurant: website
Although they do get requests for vegan menus, especially for banquets, they do not at this time have one. However, they can accomodate it if requested. Just let the server know and he/she will communicate it to the Chef. They will then make a special dish depending on what the guest wants.

Ruby Tuesday: website
Offers an all vegetable patty veggie burger - be sure to order without cheese. Also, you can order the "Portobello Mushroom" Sandwich without cheese - the mushroom is marinated in house with garlic, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard and signature blend of seasonings. They also have a salad bar.

Ryan's: website
I received the following reply: Ryan's does offer dining options for vegan customers. We are a buffet restaurant, featuring all you can eat selections. While we do offer meat, chicken and fish, among the items we feature are an extensive salad bar, baked potatoes and fresh fruits every day. Our salad bar offers the usual items along with olives, fresh cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, nuts and/or sunflower seeds and raisins, oil and vinegar dressings. Our fresh fruit selections vary by season and include items like cantaloupe, whole strawberries, golden pineapple, watermelon and grapes. We try to offer a minimum of four fresh fruits every day. In addition we offer a selection of hot vegetables (however, some are seasoned with butter, margarine or meat) and rice. I believe a vegan could eat very well at Ryan's. I often eat a meal of vegetables and fruit myself and leave feeling full and satisfied. I hope this answers your questions.

Shakey's Pizza: website
The crusts & the sauce are vegan. They actually have a cheeseless Garden Ranch Pizza! There is garlic butter on the crust, but don't be fooled, it is actually vegetable margarine! How cool is that! This pizza is topped with green peppers, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, & tomatoes.They also have many vegan pastas. The marinara sauce served with many of the pasta entrees is vegan. The pomodoro sauce, composed of chunks of Roma tomatoes, olive oil, basil, oregano, and garlic, is also vegan. However, please note that the roasted red pepper sauce contains chicken stock and the bolognese sauce is meat-based. They also have a large salad bar that usually contains things like alfalfa sprouts, a 3 bean salad, raisins & sometimes even sunflower seeds.

Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q : website
I'm afraid the only options for you at Sonny's would be the salad bar. You can get a selection of vegetables to go on your salad. You would need to use the Italian salad dressing.

Souplantation: website
Same as Sweet Tomatoes. The 60 foot make your own salad bar has an abundance of fresh vegetables and other toppings to make a fabulous salad. They also have many items at the soup and pasta bars labeled vegetarian, and each of the bars is equipped with a list of ingredients of all their recipes so you can easily check for any items you want to avoid.

Starbucks: website
Starbucks does not keep a centralized inventory of all of their retail stores. They recommend that you contact your local store individually. You can find store locations on their website.

Steak Escape: website
Salads ordered without the cheese are okay, as are the french fries.The smashed potatoes, consist of a baked potato served with sauteed vegetables. However,the grill used to saute all of the vegetables is also used to prepare the meat, but it is cleaned in between orders. The multi grain & white rolls are without animal ingredients, so a vegan sandwich is not out of the question. Various mustards could make good toppings.

Subway: website
Italian Bread contains no animal derived ingredients. The Wheat Bread contains honey, which is the only ingredient that may be considered animal derived. The deli style roll may contain egg and honey, which are the only ingredients that may be animal derived. The Fruizle smoothies are vegan.Subway restaurants have the choice of offering a few other menu items besides those on the national menu. Among them is a meatless burger. The most popular brands are Wholesome & Hearty's Gardenburger and Morningstar Farms' Veggie-Max. Both of these contain egg whites and cheese. Vegan Boca Burgers or White Wave soy turkey subs may be offered at certain Subway restaurants in certain areas. The "turkey" in the soy turkey sub is vegan but the soy cheese used on it contains casein (a milk protein). If you are interested in seeing a veggie burger in your area, contact your local Subway restaurant.

Summits Wayside Tavern: website
This was their response: "We try to be very vegetarian conscious at our stores. One of our veteran managers is a strict vegetarian and she keeps us full of good suggestions. As far as vegan options I think that we could make several items work for you. Many of our vegetarian items do contain cheese, but as all of our entrees are made to order it would be no problem to not include it. We offer nachos, burritos, sandwiches, salads, a variety of vegetable side items and soon we will offer a veggie fajita. It is a growing concern with many of our patrons and we are stretching ourselves to meet those needs. I hope that this helps. Please visit one of our locations and ask a server about your options."

Sweet Tomatoes: website
Same as Souplantation. The 60 foot make your own salad bar has an abundance of fresh vegetables and other toppings to make a fabulous salad. They also have many items at the soup and pasta bars labeled vegetarian, and each of the bars is equipped with a list of ingredients of all their recipes so you can easily check for any items you want to avoid.

Taco Bell: website reader's input
The burrito, corn, & wheat (used for the soft tacos) tortillas are all vegan. The pinto beans & red sauce are also vegan. So is the green sauce, the hot & mild sauces, the pico de gallo & the salsa. Corn oil is used in all frying processes. No animal ingredients are fried with these things. The tortilla chips, taco, tostada, taco salad & pizza shells are all vegan. Other vegan items are the cinnamon twists & the border ice products. I have my mexican pizzas made special and they are delicious. I order them minus meat & cheese. They consist of the bottom shell, beans, shell, beans again & then the sauce & veggies. This is one of my favorites!

Taco Cabana: website
Their black bean tacos and burritos are vegan, but the only location that has vegan beans & rice is the one in Denver, Colorado. They claim that Denver customers are the only ones who have showed enough interest in vegetarian options. Tortilla Chips, and the verde, roja, pico de gallo and del fuego are vegan.

Taco Del Mar
Taco Del Mar is another taco chain that I highly recommend as a vegan. They make excellent burritos and everything that you'd think would be vegan is vegan. they also make the burritos in front of you (like Subway) so you can watch to make sure they don't put sour cream on anyway :

Taco John's International: website
Food is cooked in canola oil. The bean burritos are vegan if ordered without the cheese. The Corporate Communications & Relations Manager (surprise, surprise!) is a vegetarian & suggests that you add tomatoes to the bean burrito to make it even better tasting. The guacamole & the nachos are vegan. The shells used for the fajita salads & tacos are fried in the same oil that is used to fry the meat.

Taco Tico: website
The tortilla chips and tico de gallo sauce are vegan. I think that the fresh mex wrap is vegan if you get it without the cheese, but I recommend that you check the ingredients used in the rice. They also offer vegan burritos if you request them. Foods are fried in veggie oil & made separate from meat products. Deep fried corn tostadas without cheese should be okay. You can use the hot, mild, and green chili sauces. Vegans can also munch on the cinnamon crustos.

T.G.I Friday's: website
The veggie medley is vegan so long as you get it with a plain baked potato instead of the rice pilaf (made with a chicken base). The house salad is the only other vegan option that I am aware of.

Tony Roma's: website
The side salad is vegan, but I am unsure of the croutons. You can also order a baked potato.

Wahoo's Fish Taco: website
Vegan items include (when ordering, one should always make sure that there is NO cheese or NO rice if that particular menu item includes it): both types of beans that they use: the Cajun and black beans. They prepare the beans using only spices--no oil or lard or animal products. The blackened mushroom tacos--just be sure to ask for NO cheese. They use corn tortillas. The blackened mushroom enchiladas with NO cheese. A side garden salad can be ordered using the oil and vinaigrette dressing. Chips and Salsa, Maui onion rings (made in a beer batter), and french fries. You could also modify the veggie bonzai burrito (flour tortilla), by omitting the rice. Also, vegans can order the veggie bowl so long as you get it without rice.

Wendy's: website
Vegan choices include the french fries, deluxe garden salad, the French and Reduced fat/reduced calorie Italian dressings, applesauce, banana strawberry glaze, and taco chips. For a complete menu with all ingredients listed, you can click here.

Western Sizzlin: website
There are fresh vegetables and garbanzo beans. Franchises have the liberty of choosing their own menu offerings, so not all restaurants are the same. Your best bet would be to check your individual location.

Western Steer:
There are steamed squash and carrots that are prepared in an all-vegetable stock. The French fries at this restaurant chain are all vegetable. They are fried separately in vegetable oil. There is a large number of raw vegetables at the salad bar. There may be a three-bean salad, pickled beets, soy nuts, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, and raisins. Ken's salad dressings are used. The tomato vinaigrette is vegan.

Whataburger: website
Although the french fries are vegan, it is possible that they may at times be fried with chicken products.The garden salad with lowfat vinaigrette dressing is an option. For a listing of ingredients, click here


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