Monday, March 18, 2013

restaurant review - Big Sky Bread Co.

Big Sky Bread Co. - website - Vf
1812 Marsh Rd, #9
Branmar Plaza
Wilmington, DE 19810
(302) 475-9494
Tue-Fri: 8am-6:30pm | Sat: 7am-3pm | Closed Sun-Mon

Friendly, Helpful, and Patient!

Cozy. Looks like your typical bread bakery with giant loaves and piles of baguettes on shelving.
There is a little area in the front where you can sit and read and munch on your goodies.  It is a comfortable, casual place.

INSIDE!  - picture from

Food: They serve mostly lunchy foods.

Check out their soup of the day selection!

Corey, the Carni, ordered a large chicken salad sandwich on a french baguette and some coconut curry chicken soup.  I, Maria the Veghead, ordered the small vegetarian sandwich on multigrain with some vegetarian chili.

Corey's sandwich was HUGE.  It was stuffed full of large chunks of chicken salad.  His bread was fresh and chewy and delicious, just as a french baguette should be.  He loved the soup, but was so full after his enormous sandwich, he couldn't finish it all!

My chili was the bee's knees. wow. It was chock full of beans, hearty, and thick-- my kinda chili!  My veggie sandwich was delicious! I got to pick out five veggies I wanted from a list, so I didn't have to worry about picking out anything I didn't like.  It was a pretty fantastic lunch!

Pros: The large sandwiches are pretty big and yummy. The soup of the day selection is usually a pretty diverse list. I love that you have a bunch of different breads to choose from when you order! The biggest plus about this place is how damn friendly everyone is! 

Cons: I wish there were a few more vegan sandwich options, but you can always change up which veggies you pick on your sandwich!

Bottom Line: We will definitely be back!

Reviewer(s): Maria, Corey
Price: $


restaurant key:
Vn     vegan - no animal products
Vg     vegetarian - contains dairy and/or eggs
Vf      veg-friendly -  veg options may be offered or requested

price key:
      treat a friend and yourself!
$$     split the bill.
$$$    ask mom for food money.
$$$$  ouch! you may not be able to buy junior that xmas present.

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  1. I want t go here,I have heard good things about BigSky and this review makes s me want to go and see for myself....