Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our DIY Nail Polish Rack Fun Night

My cousin and I kept tossing around the idea of making nail polish racks for our growing collections.
We found this awesome tutorial on the web,
and decided to make a go for it!

We bought pre-cut hobby boards
 at the local Lowe's.
I think we bought pine,
but there were other boards
to choose from.
We just wanted something economical!
We also purchased Gorilla Glue, screws, drill bits,
screw bits, anchors, and duct tape 
(yes, duct tape--you'll see!)
for our project!

How did  we know what sized boards to buy?
Well true to the blog name, we didn't measure--
we just eye-balled it and
brought along our tallest bottles
to gauge the spaces
we wanted between the shelves.

We also asked one of the salespersons
for their "expert" opinion, 
but I think they thought we were crazy
for wanting to make eight-shelf racks
for just bottles of polish!

The spouse decided to help us
with the power tools--
but we were very firm
on making them to our specifications!

Friday, the cat, supervised from her usually spot
as we lined-up our boards.
We turned on some Descendents, Box Car Racer,
and some delicious golden oldies

and drank copious amounts of beer...
...and then some.

Once the frame was complete,
we decided to color our shelves--
somewhat unconventionally!
(Ignore the other stuff in my apartment!
We still have stuff to unpack and build from the move!)

Because I have 140+ bottles of polish, 
I decided to "tier" the bottom three shelves.
We bought some extra boards
that were half the size of the shelf boards
to make a "step" in order to hold more bottles.

 I kept them in place with gorilla glue and duct tape.

Speaking of duct tape,
I decided to cover all of my shelves
in my fabulous leopard print tape!
The frame was covered in plain black duct tape,
and i marked the shelf distance
with a white nail polish pen.

We drilled, glued, and screwed
the shelves to the frame!

Because the fronts of tiered shelves
were skinnier due to the step,
I put my smaller bottles
and favorite indie polishes
on my bottom shelves!

The tops of the tiered shelves
still housed regular sized polishes!

It was so nice to be organized!
(No more shoe boxes!)

Last, but not least,
We mounted the shelf with the anchors and extra screws!
What a fun night!


  1. Excellent job! if I need funky shelves I know who Im gonna ask

  2. Descendents - Nice... You know - You have to get on DIY & show this to the masses - You guys did a awesome job - I mean, come on = this could be marketed for a ton of stuff & you have hit the nail on the polish...

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