Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Challenge

it is time for another saturday challenge from artsy anthropology!

Artsy Anthropology

1. Say something nice about 2 different people that you've met through blogging, shop ownership, social media, etc.
emily from artallnight: what a super nice and incredibly creative girl! she is a doll and a half! i own several of her jewelry pieces and i plan on owning several more-- they are so fun and vibrant and gorgeous! 

superrrrrrrrr awesome guy helps me with my spanish translations when i need them.. haha! no really, he is a pretty awesome friend, and i am lucky to have met him!

2. Do something nice for a complete stranger.
i have been mad sick and haven't been out of the building. =[

3. Do something nice for someone you know.
i cooked dinner for my sister and my boyfriend!

4. Say something good about yourself.
i look damn sexy with a cold... ha. just kidding. uhm! i make good cakes!

5. What are you thankful for this week? (Doesn't have to be big or profound)
i am thankful to be fully moved out of my old apartment and to have my security deposit back haha.

6. Treat yourself to something - a bubble bath, a coffee without distractions, something - just take time out for you.  What did you do for yourself?
chamomile tea in bed... ahhhh.

7. What was the highlight of your week?  Share it with us!
working on my homemade nail polish rack!

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  1. 5. That the pizza shop in town, re-opening today after being closed for renovations, sent an employee around giving out free pizza...and they sent me a veg one where I work! How'd they know?