Monday, March 18, 2013

restaurant review : ruby's brinton lake

Ruby's Diner, Brinton Lake - website - Vf
919 Baltimore Pike 
Glen Mills, PA 19342
Sun-Thurs: 7am-9pm, Fri-Sat: 7am-10pm 

Horrible... Waiters need less hormones and be more service-oriented... We were the only table of his NOT filled with giggling high school girls. He must have checked on his other tables about five times, but we never even got a drink refill! My food (and my sister's) came out horribly cooked, and we couldn't even get his attention to send it back! Luckily, my sister has some pretty big balls and got another member of the waitstaff to summon a manager. Oh boy, did she let them have it!

Ambiance: This is probably the only place where they get high marks... The interior is pretty rad.  It is like walking straight into a 1950's diner, complete with the kitschy waitress dresses and little white aprons.  Everything is bright and white and silver and shiny! There is a train choo-chooing along a track, old timey coke signs-- it is a lot of fun to take in!

i took this photo from google -
i was too angry to even think about taking photos that night!

Food: We have mixed things to say about their food.  My veggie burger was HORRIBLE. It was as hard as a rock. I wanted to send it back, but we never got the server's attention. I never had my glass refilled.  My son's grilled cheese was more like a cold cheese sandwich. Corey had a regular hamburger, and said it was alright, but he really liked his milkshake.  My sister Kelly, had a chicken wrap that tasted like it had been under a light bulb for 60 years. This was not a good first impression. I wish I could say that the place was totally packed and maybe we came at a bad time, but there were still plenty of open tables and there were a lot of servers... our was just M.I.A.

As for the menu in general, there are lots of vegetarian options-- sweet potato fries, breaded zucchini, veggies tacos, portobello sandwich-- but I honestly do not think I am willing to go back back and try them... sorry guys!

Pros: It has cool decorations? Apologetic managers?

Cons: If you want to be ignored and be served sub-par food, this place is for you.

Bottom Line: To quote Less Than Jake, "I'm feeling like I'm never going back, no I'm never going back, no... and I'm feeling like I'm never going back again, never going back again!" 

Reviewer(s): Maria, Corey, Kelly, Kai
Price: $$


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  1. I have gone to Ruby s in the past and have found them a tad expensive. The last burger I had was good , but the service was a bit slow. I have to agree with the decor , it is replete with a funky 50s theme, but I am saddened to see such an awful experience. I hope it was an off day forthem....