Monday, September 10, 2012

egg substitutes for baking

i am gonna post this because i am currently making a cake that requires an egg and i am gonna substitute. 
i figured someone else out there may have a recipe that calls for eggs and maybe they are at home scratching their heads and their eyes out.
so here ya go…


*half of a mashed banana
(it will add a wee bit of banana flavor to your recipe!)
*plain soy yogurt
(one of those 4oz jawns)
*vanilla soy yogurt
(see above)
(put in a blender with some water until you have about the same amount as you would with an egg. pleaseeeee don’t use this substitute in anything you expect to be really fluffy— it is better for breads)
*ener-g egg replacer
(which i believe is a potato starch + tapioca starch blend— just follow the instructions on the box)

*flax seed meal
(i boil some water in my tea kettle and add 3 Tbs of it to 1 Tbs of flax meal and let it sit til it kinda feels snotty)
*unsweetened applesauce
(1/2 of one of those 4oz snack cups)
*soy flour
(1 Tb flour to 1 Tsp water— i havent tried this, but as soon as i do, i will let you know how it goes!)
*approx. 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes
(weird, right?! it works!)

i have also heard you can use pureed pumpkin, pureed squash, and tomato paste…
i will experiment with these, and let you know!

happy egg-free baking! 


  1. Does the consistency of how the dough, cake rise change or vary depending on which egg subbie?

  2. I've only tried applesauce. Curious to see how the others work. What's your fav?

    1. hrmmm i use applesauce and flax meal prolly the most XD

  3. Just talked to my friend about using Soy Yogurt. He really seemed to like that, so I'll use that next!

    1. i used soy yogurt last time i made muffins.. YUMMY!

    2. Today my friend made chocolate cupcakes and used soy yogurt. They were awesome! Turned out delicious!

    3. awesome! i am glad it worked for ya!!!!!!!