Friday, September 14, 2012

vegan "ricotta" or italian pasta dish mix-y cheese stuff

frankly, most vegan lasagne, manicotti, stuff shells, etc recipes are gross. 
they use a plain old tofu and nutritional yeast combo to mimick the ricotta in the recipe.  

who are they trying to fool?

its not creamy or cheesy... just... blah.

i add tofutti cream cheese to my mixture... it really helps with the flavor.


* one tub of extra firm tofu
* a tub of tofutti cream cheese

* a few spoonfuls of nutritional yeast, to taste
* sea salt, to taste
* a drizzle of lemon juice (optional)
* garlic, to taste
* basil and oregano to taste (you dont need a whole lot!)
* a drizzle of oil oil (helps with mixing it all together)

mix it all together! you add just enough olive oil to make the mixing process a little easier.  
the lemon juice is optional-- just gives it that wee bit of zing, but i don't always have lemons on hand (oh noes!) and it tastes fine without it.

trust me, this will give new life to your bland and boring  tofu lasagna recipe!


  1. Replies
    1. noooo you can still use soy cheese shreds to replace mozzarella... this just replaces the ricotta filling!

  2. Would you recommend Daiya or Follow Your Heart?

    1. I really like follow your heart mozzarella and i like the cheddar-y daiya =)

    2. So i guess you can say it depends on the recipe

  3. Everytime I've had Daiya it's been like almost 2 "rubber-y" if that makes sense? Love follow your heart. Makes great pizzas. Now stop making me hungry! :p

  4. I've been looking for a good vegan ricotta recipe, and I think I found it here! I haven't had lasagna since I was a little kid thanks to my dairy intolerance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ;)