Wednesday, September 19, 2012

kid friendly - sloppy joes

little kai loves his joes

5 minute meal for kids... sloppy joes! 
and you can get most of the ingredients pre-packaged!

believe it or not... 
manwich sloppy joe sauce is vegan! woohooo! 
some other brands may also be, but you always need to check the ingredients for anchovies!
(weird, right?!)
the only challenge in assembling your joes is determining what to use in place of the ground beef.  you can use reconstituted tvp or tsp, boca crumbles, morningstar crumbles, crumbled tempeh, lentils, or pretty much anything that will give you that great, hearty texture. 
my personal favorite is trader joe's beefless ground beef-- joe's in my joes. lol.
even the meat-eater in the house likes it!
another tasty option is to saute some sweet vidalia onions and toss them in with your "beef" mix.
throw it on a bun... and patiently wait by with a wash rag to clean up the messy, happy faces =]

i will post a from-scratch sloppy joe recipe at a later date =]


  1. the trader joe's stuff did taste good!

  2. This is why I must read the ingredients like most. My squeeze always reads the backs or sides of boxes, bottles, etc etc - Which leads to 30 extra minutes of shopping. There is a Trader Joes about 30 minutes from us that I have not been in, but she has. This will be printed out and made with a bit of "bam"...

  3. I make sloppy joes allllll the time! So good! Sometimes I get the Heinz "Bold" sloppy joe mix and it's a little spicy, gives it a good kick! Top it off with some coleslaw (mwaahhhhahaha)

    1. i dare you to find me a good coleslaw recipe that doesnt make me gag...

  4. Made this last night. No coleslaw though,. :(

  5. It was fuckin' goooooodddd! Making them again tonight! AND adding COLESLAW!!! Still waiting on your homeade joe recipe!

  6. Good ideas.I'd love to try this with tempeh.

  7. I love sloppy joes made with either seared tofu bits or lentils and lots and lots of extra spice. ;)