Monday, September 10, 2012

what to do with leftover... RICE

1. eat it plain or with your favorite condiment (sriracha, anyone?)

2. toss it in with in your salad

3. make bean, rice, and daiya cheese burritos

4. mix with veggie ground beef, onion, and garlic, and throw into a hollowed out pepper— aka stuffed peppers 

5. mix with parsley,  in some water with some lemon juice and olive oil added, and roll into grape leaves— dolmas!

6. make veggie sushi

7. if you eat eggs, add it to a scramble or make a frittata

8. heat it on the stovetop with a little bit of water so it “re-steams”… add some vanilla almond milk, earth balance, sugar and cinnamon— breakfast!
9. make stirfry / fried rice

10. mix it in with your favorite veggie meatloaf or meatball recipe

11. add to your tomato soup

12. make rice pudding 

13. let it harden into a brick  and throw it at your roommate  ( O_O)


  1. Left over rice that has been neglected in the fridge for days or weeks can be used as "plaster" - Which is great for repairing those pesky holes in drywall

  2. Had some leftover rice and cooked some vegan chicken strips and bell peppers and added it with the rice!