Sunday, November 4, 2012

artallnight winners....

moderating this giveaway was CRAZY!

me, rocking my fave artallnight ring

manohman, the first three people i picked were disqualified...
#1 clicked to redeem every entry, but didn't actually do anything but leave their email.
#2 literally wrote they were too lazy to go to the etsy site and look at anything and leave a comment.
and #3 didn't leave me their email-- and that was the first requirement!

please, please, please read the entries and do what is asked! 
it is only fair to the other people who are following directions!

so, the winners are...

GRAND PRIZE (any item up to $28): 
io s.

RUNNER UP #1 (any item up to $10): 
keya m.  

RUNNER UP #2 (any item up to $10): 
raina d. 

i can't wait to see what you pick! 
remember, you have 48 hours to get back to me 
or i will have to pick another winner!

don't forget to check out my newest giveaway 
for three chances to win a gift certificate to


  1. But I wanted earrings! LOL
    CONGRATS people.

  2. Thanks again for the awesome giveaway! I LOVE my hairclip!!!