Tuesday, November 13, 2012

what do you mean, it's not vegan?! : frosted mini-wheats

it is pretty exciting when you stumble across a food that 
was "vegan this whole time?!"  and you never even knew it! 
oreos? awhhh yeahhhhh... 
peanut chews? awesome! 
ghirardelli hot chocolate? whoaaa!

but what about the things you ASSUME are vegan and really aren't?

i am gonna start posting those various items that vegans get duped by
at least once a month to give you a heads up.
(hey, even i get fooled sometimes!)

today's culprit...


whaaaaat? what the hell kinda animal product would be in this?


and for those who are unclear as to what gelatin is made from exactly,
i will give you a quote from the gelatin manufacturers institute of america...
"the primary raw materials used in making gelatin are 
bovine bones, bovine hides, porcine skins, porcine bones, and fish skins."

oh yummy! 
i so wanted some ground up cow hide and pork bones in my cereal!

but have no fear! 
there are yummy and sweet alternatives that may surprise you:
life, frosted flakes, cinnamon life, apple jacks, fruity pebbles,
reese's peanut butter puffs, apple cinnamon cheerios,
peanut butter crunch, kix, trix, golden grahams, 
fruit loops, special k red berries, chocolate malt-o-meal,
coco roos, nature's path crunchy vanilla sunrise, 
gorilla munch, annie's fruity bunnies, peanut butter puffins, 
kashi strawberry fields, kashi island vanilla,
and many more!

so there you have it folks... 
read the labels!


  1. Yeah..Gotta be careful of those hidden ingredients..I downloaded free apps so that i can look them all up. Two apps I use are "ivegan" and "animal-free" it's helped me a lot.

  2. "the primary raw materials used in making gelatin are
    bovine bones, bovine hides, porcine skins, porcine bones, and fish skins..."

    i'm not a vegan... but reading all that makes me want to puke.. >_<