Friday, November 2, 2012

i can't find that fancy vegan shit... well, try may wah!

"i don't live near whole foods or trader joe's  or earth fare or china town, 
so i can't find any of those faux seafoods or mock meats."

you don't need to!
there is an amazing vegan food-ordering website 
that is chock-full of vegan meat alternatives
that you might not be able to find locally.

click the link above to check out their site!

every once in a while, 
when we don't feel like trucking out to the vegetarian food stores in philly or frazer, 
we will stockpile items from this mouth-watering website.  
they have a nice selection, great prices, and SUPER FAST shipping.
my personal favorites are the shrimp, the ham rolls, and fish...  all vegan, of course!
i am totally addicted.

they also have mock chicken steak, lemon chicken, chicken legs, chicken nuggets, riblets, pepper steak,   
cocktail franks, bacon, sausage, ham steak, stewed lamb, smoked goose, gizzards, 
jerky, duck meat, squid, crab steak, fish cakes, shrimp rolls, salmon, abalone...
the list is pretty extensive!

so next time you realllllly have a hunkering to make coconut shrimp or crab rangoon, 
and you don't want to cheat on your new vegan or vegetarian lifestyle-- 
check these guys out!

what vegan or mock meat product do YOU have trouble finding?
any foods you miss?
tell me in a comment!


  1. That mock ham roll stuff is really good.

  2. Interesting...never heard of it! Good to know for some of my clients that 'crave' those types of foods! Thanks Maria! Once're fabulous! Oh, and I'm sharing this post btw ;)

  3. We don't have vegan needs, but we have so many issues finding gluten free foods. We live in a small town in the middle of nowhere and frequently finding ourselves driving an hour to get to a store that will meet our needs. Wah!!!