Thursday, November 1, 2012

did you have a very veggie halloween?

any vegans or vegetarians give out candy or snacks? what kind? i am curious!
did anyone go trick-or-treating? how was the loot!
my son made out like a bandit!
or like a skunk...

i am stinky, mommy!

we kinda live in the middle of nowhere and no one comes knocking on our door, 
so we went to a friend's neighborhood for some halloween treats. 
it was his first time out trick-or-treating, and he had a blast! 
he kept trying to squeeze by everyone and run into people's houses, though haha. 

i would love to hear (or see pictures) of how your night went!
leave me a comment!


  1. peeeeuuuu. Kids came by and my boyfriend denied them fruit snack, we pretended we weren't home :(

  2. Cute costume. I set out a bowl of candy and a sign that said shhhh baby is sleeping.

  3. aww, cute costume!

  4. hehe, cutie! I ate lots of Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids!

    <3 Melissa